about me


Hi, I'm Halis Yücel 👋

It has been about three years since I started my software adventure, which I started as a hobby, and I am quite intent on doing this professionally.

I started this journey with Python and continued by learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Of course, it would not be right to say that I learned completely. After all, it's an ongoing process. 🤗

I continue to dive into the depths of the frontend world with React + Typescript and try to improve myself every day. 👨‍💻

Nowadays I'm working on frameworks like Next.js. Jamstack architecture is very interesting to me. And I believe this will be a big part of web development in the future. 👾

I am currently working as a Junior Frontend Developer at Atölye15.

I am also a first year student at Hacettepe University Computer Engineering. 🎓

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