my projects


a full-stack web application

Written with JavaScript
It is a blog application for medical students with Next.js on the front and Strapi Headless CMS on the back. High speed is one of the prominent features of this site, as almost every page is tried to be rendered statically. It is also easily accessible on mobile devices with its responsive interface design and PWA application support.
reactreduxnext.jsreact-queryrsuiteaxiosjoiscssresponsive designstrapisendgridmysqlslugifyjsonwebtokensprettiereslint

a personal website

Written with TypeScript
It is the site you are currently on. It is made with Next.js and has multi-language support. Styled using TailwindCSS. It has an unusual design in appearance. It has been tried to be likened to a code editor.
reactreduxnext.jsrsuitei18naxiosjoitailwindcssresponsive designsendgridprettiereslint

a hobby project

Written with JavaScript
This site, which I have made especially for English learners, offers you the meaning of the word you are looking for and its use in sentences with many different examples. In the backend, it creates its own frontend by mining data from many different sites. It translates the sentences it can't find the translation for with the Google Cloud Translate API. It also stores translations in a Redis database to save on the Google API. Thus, it translates the same sentence only once using the API, and then uses the translations from the database for subsequent requests.
reactreduxnext.jsaxiosjoitailwindcssresponsive designgoogle translate apiredisslugifyjsonwebtokensprettiereslint
Written with TypeScript
It is a clone of However, the actual page has changed a bit now.
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